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How does My Mentor Path match candidates?

At the heart of the mentoring relationship are two people; the mentor and the mentee. Each of these people will have registered with the My Mentor Path platform, and populated with as much information as they'd like to share. We then periodically run our matching algorithms to assign potential matches based on a variety of factors.

Our algorithms are always evolving, but our current approach takes account of:

  • How much of what the mentee needs the mentor can provide (e.g. things like "Going from an individual contributor to managing PMs")
  • How their experience (B2B, B2C) intersects
  • How far away from each other they live (the more time zones in between, the harder it is to find a good time)

These all contribute to the "match" score in some way, which is used to present up to 10 potential mentor/mentee matches in priority order. However, mentors and mentees are still able to choose anyone from within that list.

Future enhancements may include optionally matching on demographic information (e.g. "I want to have a female mentor") as well as other profile information. Watch this space!