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What happens after I'm matched to a mentor or mentee?

After the matching process has proposed new matches, the process is straightforward.


Mentees always have to start the relationship. You will see potential mentors in your "Available Mentors" tab and be able to browse their profiles and see who you think is a good fit.

You can "Reject" a match or click "Send Match" to request a connection. Mentors will not see if you reject a match. You can see any pending requests in "My Requests"

Once a connection has been made, you will see your active mentors in "My Mentors". Currently, we are only allowing one mentor per mentee to ensure availability, but will revisit this as our network grows.


You will be informed when matching has run, but not see any matches until the mentee sends a connection request. You are then able to accept or reject the request.

On acceptance, the relationship is confirmed and you will see the mentee in "My Mentees". You can only accept as many mentees as you have specified in your "maximum mentees" setting in your profile (try not to overload yourself!)


Once the relationship has been confirmed, you will both be connected and be able to view each other's profiles, check their LinkedIn page or send emails. You also have a "My Relationship" section of the page where you can log mentoring meetings and add any notes (these are all visible to both sides of the relationship).

We encourage you to have a kick off call as soon as is practical. You can use our embedded videoconferencing to do this, or use your own Google Meet/Zoom/Teams/phones if you prefer.

Check this video out if you want to see it in action: